Simple Ways to Teach Counting to Your Kids

Simple Ways to Teach Counting to Your Kids

Teachers typically start teaching basic arithmetic functions like counting concepts to children in the primary classes. But as a parent, you can begin teaching your little ones the basic mathematical skills even before they are enrolled in school. Whatever skills that you impart to your child serves as a solid foundation for him/her and these concepts tend to become firmer when teachers introduce mathematical concepts in school.

As a matter of fact, teaching kids to count can be interesting, fun and easy. All you need to do is use simple steps that will help your little one to develop a likeness for numbers. When your child is about three or four years old, you can begin teaching them about numbers starting from 1 to 10. As you make them practice everyday little by little, you would notice that they would gradually start developing a fondness for numbers.

Teaching young kids to count not just boost their readiness for numbers, but also prepares them to study other Maths concepts with interest. You can teach counting numbers to your child with the help of Maths worksheets for Grade 1. They can learn several concepts such as addition, subtraction, count and write numbers, etc. from these useful resources.

One of the simplest ways to teach your child numbers is to tell him/her how to count their age by using their fingers. Make them raise the correct number of fingers in their hand to determine the actual number. When they raise their fingers with the accurate number, appreciate their effort. It is imperative to remember that teaching activities should be entertaining and carefree.

Furthermore, you can also teach them using Count and Write Worksheets. Such worksheets are colourfully designed and captivate the interest of young ones. Besides, you can also let your child practice counting with the help of common toys. To start with, you can teach them with stuffed toys, pop-beads and stacking of rings to impart basic knowledge about counting. It is important to note that you should try to keep the activity as playful as possible and make learning fun for the children.

Using Maths worksheets for Grade 1 help your child to learn the key mathematical concepts at their own pace. You can refer to BYJU’S Count and Write worksheets for kids which are designed in colourful PDF format and they are available for easy download. You can download those worksheets for free and teach them even when you’re offline. By using those Maths worksheets for Grade 1, sneak the learning of counting numbers among your children in an enjoyable manner.

Counting numbers can be taught in a number of ways. For example, when you’re feeding your child with a spoonful of food from his/her plate, then just count aloud the total number of spoonfuls that he/she eats. Another example could be when he/she is colouring in a drawing book, hand over one crayon at a time and make them count the number of crayons with which they need to complete the drawing. Please note that you should make counting numbers an instinctive part of your interactions with your child. In the process of doing so, they don’t even realise that they are learning numbers playfully.

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