Countries that Utilize the Most Natural Gas Energy

Countries that Utilize the Most Natural Gas Energy

Right now, there is a lot of attention being paid to natural gas. Many people are concerned about natural gas because of climate change, but there is also an increased focus on natural gas because of everything that is happening in Europe. It may be helpful to take a closer look at the countries that produce and consume the most natural gas, and it is also critical to work with experts, such as Optus Energy, that can help you optimize your energy production, usage, and consumption.

Why Are People Concerned About Natural Gas?

There are several reasons why a lot of people are concerned about the future of natural gas. Even though natural gas has largely been a marketing success, it is also a contributor to a lot of environmental problems. Burning natural gas can contribute to air pollution, and the runoff from natural gas can contribute to water pollution. As a result, many people are concerned about the relationship between natural gas and climate change.

Furthermore, increasing drilling activities can also disturb people and wildlife. A lot of people do not like to be too close to drilling sites because the machinery is very loud. Some people may also have to be displaced from their homes if there is a new drilling site opened. It is also possible that plants and animals will be disrupted, and natural gas drilling could disturb their habitats.

Which Countries Produce the Most Natural Gas?

That being said, there are also a lot of countries that have produced a tremendous amount of natural gas, providing energy for the world. According to Optus Energy, the United States is actually the largest producer of natural gas in the world. It produces approximately 934 billion cubic meters of natural gas every year. Even though the United States is the largest producer of natural gas, it is not the largest exporter. That title goes to Russia, which produces approximately 701 billion cubic meters of natural gas every year. Of note, Germany gets close to half of its natural gas supply from Russia. Some of the other large producers of natural gas include Australia, Norway, China, Iran, and Algeria.

Which Countries Consume the Most Natural Gas?

So, which countries consume the most natural gas in the world? Without a doubt, that title goes to the United States, which consumes nearly twice as much natural gas as the second-biggest consumer, Russia. Some of the other countries that consume a lot of natural gas every year include China, Iran, Japan, and Canada. The country that consumes the most cubic feet of natural gas per capita is Trinidad and Tobago. Some of the other countries that are high on this list include Turkmenistan, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.

Looking to the Future of the Natural Gas Industry

Ultimately, there is a lot that people need to know about natural gas. Even though there are plenty of sources of natural gas available, there is a chance that prices could go up in the future, particularly as the supply begins to dwindle. Furthermore, as more attention is paid to climate change, increasing rules and regulations could make it harder for consumers to access the natural gas they need. That is why it is critical to work with professionals, such as the team at Optus Energy, who can help you develop contingency plans, save money, and take advantage of new resources.