Brooklyn Probate And Estate Lawyers: Everything You Need To Know

Brooklyn Probate And Estate Lawyers: Everything You Need To Know

When a person passes away, their affairs are always out of order. Wills are sometimes misunderstood and cannot be properly executed. Occasionally, wills may be entirely lacking. If your estate has substantial assets, New York probate and estate administration can be challenging. A probate and estate administration attorney from our firm ensures your inheritance is protected and the wishes of your loved one are respected.

How Often Do Probate Proceedings Need to Be Executed?

No matter who his or her beneficiaries are or if they have a will, if your loved one only had assets in their name, they would have to go through probate. Probate is usually performed by the petitioner, who is the executor of the will, who submits affidavits from witnesses and notifies the heirs that the will is being probated. It may be challenging for prosecutors who do not have legal experience. To assist executors and heirs in the following matters, we are available:

  • Putting the will into action
  • An heir is notified of the deceased’s death
  • The process of collecting assets following the probate of a will
  • It is necessary to prepare a decedent’s tax returns
  • Providing assistance in paying creditors
  • Providing federal and state estate tax preparation services for clients
  • Courts received both formal and informal wills
  • Assets of the estate are distributed

Leaving a will for a loved one is a complex process. Let us help guide you through the whole process. It is inevitable that grief and loss accompany the loss of a loved one. Our assistance allows the heirs of an estate to concentrate on other important matters in exchange for our help. We can assist you if you are the executor of a will or if you are expecting to inherit something. Staten Island, Manhattan, Staten Island, and Long Island are among the places we represent executors, administrators, heirs, and beneficiaries.

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Without a will, how does a deceased person’s estate get distributed?

If there are substantial assets to be distributed from the estate of a family member who has died without a will, then a Brooklyn Probate Attorney should be consulted. There will be no will established in New York, so the property will be distributed according to state law. The government may be unable to allow family members to request an administrative hearing before taking control of their assets. At Cohen & Cohen Estate Administration, we offer representation to both direct beneficiaries and to kinship beneficiaries.

The kinship hearing procedure is used in cases of deceased relatives without wills who still have living relatives who are related to them but are not their first cousins. In the long process, you won’t have to worry about attending multiple hearings if you have a dependable attorney on your side. As kinship hearings are handled by our legal team with experience, we will handle your case in a timely and effective manner.

Everything we do revolves around our clients

It can be particularly traumatizing for our clients who have lost a loved one to fight for the property and assets they left behind. Whether a will needs to be probated or is uncontested, our attorney will listen to you to better understand your wishes. When individual clients need legal advice, we provide legal assistance. We serve as executors and administrators for beneficiaries throughout New York City and Long Island.