Basic Ratios YouTube Considers For Optimizing a Video

Basic Ratios YouTube Considers For Optimizing a Video

YouTube is one of the biggest video-sharing platforms to date. It reaches out to a vast range of users from all age groups. You name it and you have it. Recent YouTube algorithm works on a feedback loop and targets on displaying videos on individuals’ interest.

Every YouTuber wants to be successful and live the life of their dreams. You understand better that it’s not a piece of cake if you are a YouTuber. A lot is happening behind the scene. A couple of years ago it was much easier to gain subscribers and get views.  People easily bagged views by easily ranking their videos on keywords.

However, to rank better in the search results now, you need to be updated and work according to the latest algorithms and updates. This requires a lot of research and analysis so that you can retain the views and subscribers. You need to analyze a lot of factors before planning your content.

On top of that YouTube must notice your content and recommend it to the right audience. And for that, you need to understand the basic ratios YouTube considers before optimizing a video. So here are a few you should know about if you are a YouTuber:

Subscribers to Views Ratio

Basic Ratios YouTube Considers For Optimizing a Video

Your subscriber count is directly linked to the popularity of your channel. On average, if you have 1000 subscribers then you can expect about 140 views per video. This is also known as the subscriber to view ratio. To maintain a healthy growth of your channel, you need to have a check on the ratio. If you are not getting the average view required for every video then YouTube might not optimize your video. As per the latest research, YouTube is ranking such videos that have average subscribers to view ratio.

If your subscriber to view ratio is getting down, you need to have a check on your content. The very first thing that you can do is noticing the first video where the ratio got down. Then, you can upgrade your content as per the demand. Try to have an average ratio of 14% so that YouTube notices your content and rank it better. If you are still unable to get more subscribers, you can buy YouTube subscribers to get more time to plan your content and still not lose your hold over YouTube algorithm.

Views To Likes Ratio

You may feel that gaining subscribers and views are enough to grow your channel. But you might be wrong in this one. To know if your YouTube channel is doing well or not you need to have a look at your views to like ratio. It is recommended that if on average you have 4 likes per 100 views then your channel is doing well. You need to remind your audience to give thumbs up to your video. Though it may sound greedy, it helps in the organic growth and better ranking of your channel.

You might have seen famous YouTubers asking for likes to upload a new video. You can use some brand new ideas to gain likes. Likes might fuel up your motivation too. A decent number of likes assure viewers that your content is up to mark and useful. You can buy YouTube views and likes if you are in your initial phase and need a boost on your channel. But don’t forget to maintain a 4% ratio to make it look real.

Comments, Number of Shares, And Copyright Strikes

Basic Ratios YouTube Considers For Optimizing a Video

Comments and the number of shares have a significant role in ranking a video in search results. More number of comments on your video signifies more engaging content. Youtube prefers to rank such videos that are more engaging and increases the amount of time a viewer spends on YouTube.

Comments help you analyze how your videos are doing. And are amazing sources of ideas for your future video. In other words, they are the outlook of your channel. It is also advised to reply to the comments to engage with the audience and make the best use of them. When you reply or like the comments, it creates a positive impression and encourages the viewers to do it more often. Sharing your videos will also help your channel rank better in search results. Not only it increases the reach of your content but helps you gain new subscribers. It shows that people love your content, relating to it, and hence sharing it with others.

Also, remember to keep it real. If you think of copying some other creator’s content you are likely to get a copyright strike on your video and YouTube will take it down for the same. An original is always worth more than a copy.

Some Other Ways to Optimize Your Video

Research better keywords– Your video is more likely to rank if it matches the exact keyword people are searching for. Do your research before finalizing a title as this would give you an insight into how people search for a particular video and choose the keywords accordingly. The title needs to be catchy and trendy at the same time to gain maximum viewers.

Thumbnail is another factor that attracts the audience. An eye-catching thumbnail is the icing on the cake. Try to include the keywords in your thumbnail and description too. Remember, you can never be too creative while designing a Thumbnail.

Length of your videos- YouTube ranks such videos that are engaging and lets viewers spend more time on them. The videos that rank have an average length of 14 minutes, 50 seconds. Try to increase the length of your video.


There are a lot of things that go into creating an amazing YouTube video, from unique ideas, filming with a good quality camera, editing to marketing and getting brand deals, the list goes on and on. All this will take a toll on you initially but the results will be as good and satisfying as the hustle.

The above-mentioned ratios and methods are not the only way that YouTube considers. But, these are the tried and tested methods that have worked for many creators and hopefully will do for you too.

Remember content is the king, always. Good content will find its way through and consistency is the key. Nothing happens over-night so have patience because this platform is one of the most competitive spaces out there. Lastly, best of luck on this new journey, hope you will come out as a winner, and your content will impact and inspire.