6 Benefits of Using an Ice Hockey Balance Board

6 Benefits of Using an Ice Hockey Balance Board

If you have ever wondered whether or not using an ice hockey balance board is beneficial, you might be surprised to learn how beneficial it really is. The great thing about balancing on a board is that it causes you to constantly engage your core muscles in order to stay balanced. This constant engagement causes your whole body to strengthen and adapt to discomfort in a way that blasts your strength to its maximum capacity. Here are some of the top benefits that you can gain from regular balance board workouts.

1 Balance

One of the great benefits of regular balance board training is that it helps to develop a sense of balance like no other exercise can. As you begin to develop a greater sense of balance, you can simply add challenges to your exercises such as squats and deep knee bends as you balance yourself on the board. Balance is an important part of being able to play hockey.

2 Stamina

Believe it or not when you hold your muscles engaged for long periods of time you develop more stamina. Stamina is the part of your strength that keeps you going after you are tired and ready to stop. By pushing yourself and challenging yourself to stay on your board longer, you train your body to be engaged for long periods of time.

3 Core Strength

Your core strength is what keeps your entire body balanced as you move. Whenever you walk, run, or slap a shot into the goal your core is right there with you. When you take the time to strengthen your core you are actually improving the strength of your whole entire body. Daily training on a hockey balance board will help to build powerful core muscles.

4 Leg Strength

As your core is engaged during your balance training, your legs will also be engaged. When you push yourself upwards through the levels of skills that you can acquire by using a balance board for hockey you will learn how to do squats as you balance. As your skills grow so will your leg strength.

5 Low Back Strength

At one point or another in the typical lifespan of a human being, we experience low back pain. The difference between a strong lower back and a weak lower back is that a stronger low back will be able to handle strenuous tasks much better. When you build your core strength you allow your core muscles to be a large part of the strain that would normally be on your spine. Building core strength actually saves the low back from extended stress.

6 Mental Strength

Believe it or not, staying balanced on a hockey board requires a substantial amount of mind power. There are literally millions of communications happening every second that you balance yourself. At first, you may feel like you are the one that is keeping yourself balance, but in reality, it is your brain. Once you get the hang of your balance board, your mind will stop trying to control the situation and your body will naturally respond the way the brain tells it to. This is how to strengthen both your mind and your body.


These are only six of the thousands of benefits that you can gain by using a hockey balance board on a regular basis. Try it out for yourself. Practice training on a balance board for just 15 minutes a day and see how long it takes you to notice the effects. You won’t be disappointed.

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