3 Reasons Why Your Company Should Get An LEI Number?

3 Reasons Why Your Company Should Get An LEI Number?

The 21st century has seen evident progress in terms of technological advancements. Ever since the industrial revolution, the commercial trade and the business sector have advanced significantly. Various businesses have gained impetus using the various digital tools and marketing strategies and expanded on a global level.

As a result, the rise in such business firms has opened up the online medium of fund transfers. However, the digital world has also brought a risk of fraudulent. To create a safety barrier, the introduction of the LEI number has been a notable advancement. There are various agencies like leiservice.com where you may register for an LEI number. Let us see what an LEI is.

What Does LEI Stand for?

A legal entity identifier (LEI) is a number required by businesses that operate internationally for carrying out transactions internationally. The number consists of 20 digits of alpha-numeric code. It helps in the global identification process.

There are several reasons why one must get an LEI number. The main reason behind providing companies with LEI numbers is to decrease the risk of scams. The lack of an LEI number resulted in several fraud cases when there was no such standard system.

Reasons To Get an LEI Number

A brand that operates internationally requires an LEI number for many reasons. Some of them are listed below.

1. Your Brand Identity can be Trusted

A company is known for the trust it creates in clients’ minds. A company turns leads to conversions only when it can build trust in its potential customers’ minds.

To know whether a brand is one who it says and does what it does, the LEI number is important. It helps them trust the brand’s identity and functions. LEI comes as an added layer to build trust, removing any doubts about fraud.

2. Compliance

The LEI number is a mandatory element that every business must own. The introduction of LEI was done with a slogan of “no LIE no trade”, strongly suggesting the necessity of the same. LEI is mandatory for each company in order to trade internationally.

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The reason behind making such strict laws was to wake companies in order to establish a systematic structure in their working styles. Also, another reason was to help clients check the reliability of brands.

3. Be Globally Known

LEI number comes in handy for international firms to establish their identity on a global level. By registering on LEI, your business gets listed in the global database. If you are a new brand that has got a potential client of great margins, there would be just one issue of credibility of your firm.

Being young yet, the inexperience of your firm is bound to create doubts before fund transfer via online platforms.

At such times, having an LEI number could seal the deal as it gives a sure shot of whether a brand is genuine or fraudulent. As a result, it helps create a credible source for your brand.


LEI legal entity identifier code is a key to establishing trust among your clients. In order to improve the leads that fail to turn into conversions due to a lack of a credible source, the LEI is the tool to use.

Companies that deal with international customers are required to have an LEI number to establish transparency and for smoother transactions. It builds trust among customers.