Roy Gagaza Reflects on Strategies to Survive Down Markets

Roy Gagaza Reflects on Strategies to Survive Down Markets

Roy Gagaza is a seasoned financial professional helping clients with pre-retirement and retirement planning strategies. He’s assisted families from all walks of life in managing their wealth, and he has strategies for dealing with severe market downturns.

Roy Y. Gagaza underscores the importance of remaining calm even if there is a large market correction occurring. Overreacting and selling can lead to complications with capital gains and tax-related issues. Before selling, it’s critical to seek the advice of a financial professional. Devising a well-planned strategy helps prevent rash decisions and unnecessary losses.

Working with an active portfolio manager in tandem with a multi-faceted financial professional may also help curb losses. Active portfolio managers can use options and other sophisticated financial instruments to mitigate risk to stock portfolios. Roy Gagaza has years of industry experience and a network of contacts that can help clients manage downturns. Building a team of business, legal, and financial professionals can help one preserve wealth and deal with market calamities.

Asset allocation and diversification are also important factors in surviving down markets. While some companies may fair worse during downturns than others, properly allocated retirement funds can potentially survive with fewer losses. Diversifying is also an effective method to hedge risk.

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Having a retirement plan is perhaps the most intuitive strategy to survive market downturns. A comprehensive plan that includes income projections and expense budgets can help clients focus on the long-term. Forgoing short-term market volatility in favor of long-term stability and gains is an effective methodology for not only surviving but thriving. Roy Gagaza has tailored retirement plans to meet the needs of a spectrum of income levels. Sticking to the plan during downturns helps to weather the storm.

It is important to find a financial consultant that is trustworthy and has a positive track record of managing a diversified portfolio. Roy Y. Gagaza has his clients’ best interests at heart, and he has the experience, education, and certifications to prove that. Whether clients need help optimizing their social security income, selecting a long-term care insurance policy, or finding an accountant for tax planning, Roy is an excellent resource.

Roy Y. Gagaza is a Registered Financial Consultant and a Certified Estate Planner. Roy served as an active-duty U.S. Army officer for 20 years before retiring and beginning a career in financial services. He continues to guide clients on their path to retirement. Roy received his bachelor’s degree in business marketing from San Jose State University.