What is the Difference Between Migration, Updating, And Upgrading?

What is the Difference Between Migration, Updating, And Upgrading?

As comprehensive as Aggiornare Prestashop is, understanding the differences between migration, update, and upgrade concepts is essential.

There are numerous constraints that can arise when using an outdated software version: custom developments need to be reworked on new versions, the inability to add new modules, a non-compliant version (e.g. GDPR), no longer guaranteed support, or recurring maintenance costs.

Thus, in these circumstances, it is often necessary to take stock of the software version to be used.

It is important to understand the difference between updating, upgrading, and migrating PrestaShop.

(Patch or update) What is an Update?

An update is usually a correction that is implemented as a “patch” version of the software (PrestaShop 1.7.6.x) and corrects errors (such as translations, coding, etc.) or regressions.

A software update is a minor revision (example: updating from PrestaShop version 1.7.x to version 1.7.x). This revision involves improving the software as a whole, correcting errors or problems that interrupt its operation, and adding new features.

However, the update does not let you move from a minor to a major version (version 1.6.x to 1.7).

An Upgrade is What?

An A major software revision is an upgrade (for example, changing from PrestaShop 1.6 to 1.7).

You can upgrade from a “standard” version (the one you get when you download the software) to a much more advanced version in terms of innovation, modernity, and performance.

Migration: What is it?

On the other hand, the migration process is more like “relocating” content from one version to another.

As a result, it is a delicate process as it involves moving the in-store content from one software version to a more suitable or superior one, whether in the same system or in a new one.

It implies irreversibility by separating data from technical contexts of creation (for example, redesigning a shop).

Also, the need for adaptation of the source code and specific developments (replacing certain modules and themes, applying patches, making adjustments, etc.).

Come aggiornare PrestaShop 1.7

What are the Benefits of Upgrading or Migrating Your Online Store?

There are several reasons for this change:

  • There is no longer a secure or updated version of the software;
  • Software version no longer meets expectations or is no longer practical in terms of technological performance, ergonomics or positioning (SEO), and you wish to take advantage of optimized or new features;
  • A version of the software does not comply with a legal provision;
  • The software version does not guarantee the viability or success of the e-commerce project;
  • The software version is out of date or unusable.

How To Update, Upgrade, or Migrate Prestashop Modules

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