The Art of Interviewing – Online or Direct

In today’s pandemic stricken world, many of the most common aspects of our personal and professional lives have changed. We have gone from weekends out with friends, to no gatherings of more than four. Our typical in-person jobs are now conducted from home and meetings are hosted by virtual platforms online. Even the idea of searching for a new job has changed. The traditional series of interviews with recruiters and hiring managers in now mostly done online for the safety and convenience of everyone.

The Art of Interviewing

While this does take some getting used to, both recruiters and job seekers seem to be settling into this new way of doing things quite well. And, with that in mind, we are going to take a look at some interview tips that will make the job/prospective candidate search even easier.

Tips for Job Seekers:

Knowing what you want to gain from the interview is important. We all have different expectations from the interview process and knowing what you expect to gain will help dictate your line of questioning and your ability to respond properly to the interviewer’s questions. Create a list of questions you want to ask the recruiter and keep them relevant and professional. During a virtual or in-person job interview, we can sometimes forget this.

You must remember that the interviewer can be influenced by your words and your professionalism so use this to your advantage. You can control the decision-making process as long as you are prepared to do so with the knowledge and information required. Be yourself and, most importantly, be honest and personable. Giving the interviewer what they want will ultimately lead to your success.

Tips for Recruiters:

What is the correct way to interview in a post pandemic world? Whether you are interviewing online or in-person, you have to adjust your interview techniques as each will be different. When interviewing online, you have to be more receptive and ‘read’ the prospective candidate much more carefully as you will not see many of the same cues as you would in person. Also, creating a specialised area for the virtual interview process will add a higher level of professionalism. All other traditional interview rules still apply to virtual interviews including dress code and the Q and A process.

With the pandemic and the new health and social distancing rules, in-person interviews are quite different today. The traditional handshake is out, and masks should still be worn during the interview. Hand sanitiser should be available, and the waiting area should follow all social distancing and hygiene rules.

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