Nile Business City New Capital: The Third Skyscraper in Africa!

Nile Business City New Capital: The Third Skyscraper in Africa!

About Nile Business City New Capital

Nile Development announced an outstanding project that contains all the services and facilities that the investors need in their upcoming project, while being the highest tower in the downtown that is called Nile Business City.

The height of Nile Business City New Capital is 233 Meters which makes it the third tallest skyscraper in Africa and also It consists of 56 floors that are divided into commercial and administrative units, while the last 15 floors allow you to have a 360-degree panoramic view of the entire Administrative Capital.

Nile Developments are making sure to deliver the project in 2024 to guarantee the satisfaction and trust of their customers while providing the most luxurious tower that will attract the visitors.

The Strategic Location of Nile Business

Nile Business City is located in the most vital area in New Administrative Capital, that is considered as the center of New Capital which the Downtown while being minutes away from the Monorail Station, El Masa Hotel, Finance District.

MU32 is chosen to be the area that Nile Business Tower is implemented while this huge project overlooks Green River and Bin Zayed Axis which considered as a strategic destination as there is going to have a high traffic on this location specifically.

Africa's 385-metre super tower is now 70 percent complete

The Suitable Prices of Nile Business City

In addition to, all Investors inside or outside Egypt are astonished by the prices of Nile Business City New Capital as the starting price of the units is 1,468,500 Egyptian Pounds.

While the developer is making sure to provide the most suitable prices per meter for their entrepreneurs for that the price of units in Nile Business City starts from 44500 to 89000 EGP/meter.

Not only that but also Nile Business Tower is provided by multiple installment systems for the investors and entrepreneurs that promotes more flexibility in the payments, here’s some of the plans:

  • The down payment can start from 10% with the installments can be up to 6 years.
  • It can be 15% as down payment of Nile Business Tower; the installments will be up to 7 years.
  • 20% down payment and the rest of the payment can be over 8 years of installments.
  • 25% down payment of the unit in Nile Business New Capital, the installments over 9 years.
  • While 30% of the payment is paid and the rest can be paid will be over 10 years of installments.