Is Internet Access Good For Students?

Is Internet Access Good For Students?

Using the internet service has proved to be an effective tool because a large part of the day composes of using the internet to solve our problems. The internet contains a lot of information that students can make use of. It has transformed the concept of education by creating a new culture of learning and accessing information. Getting access to information and other resources has made learning easier and convenient for them. Therefore, students need to have a working internet connection. If you are living in the dorms or apartment as a full-time student, the best option for you is Xfinity double play deals. This is affordable for you, even with your tuition and accommodation charges because you get to make use of two services for the price of one. You get to have the advantage of using internet and TV service at the same time or internet and phone service, etc. All you have to do is follow the link and follow the steps there.

Do Students Have Internet Access In The US?

There was a report released that during the 2019 pandemic at least 42% of the children have no internet connectivity in their homes. Because only 34% couldn’t afford to buy it, 4% didn’t own a home computer, and the rest of 4% didn’t have an internet service provider in their area. Some schools even offered to give students computers completely sponsored by them (60%), but only a few students were provided with devices to access the internet. If you look at the numbers of people who do have access to the computer or internet, out of 52 million US students, only 74% had access to the computer for educational purposes. 8% of them had a computer available sometimes. This just goes to show that the lack of internet resources is still prevailing in the US.

What Are Students With No Internet Missing Out On?

Students who are deprived of internet connection are seriously lacking in opportunities that could put them on the same pedestal as the ones who do have internet access.

  • The most important thing that the internet has to offer is the range of information available. A large amount of information about various fields and subjects is presented on the internet at the touch of the fingertips. Students can also benefit from data research. For research purposes, there are lots of results and theories available, written by scientists and researchers all over the world. Students need to have access to such information for their purpose and professional growth.
  • Internet is easily accessible any time of the day and any day of the week. As long as the students have computer resources and a working internet connection, they will be able to access information on the internet. The unlimited accessibility of the internet has made it easier and convenient for students to manage their assignments and tasks. Normally at the library, a student will have to manage his student around the opening and closing time, but with the internet, there are no such restrictions.

Uses of Internet | Essays & Paragraphs on Internet For Students

  • The internet has also given students the chance to be able to communicate with people of different nationalities, races, age groups, religions, and cultures. Students can even reach out to their friends and loved ones from across the globe conveniently without having to rely on telephone call services. There can merely choose to join chatrooms, and send a message via message services, and attend videoconferencing.
  • Internet is also one of the many ways for students to look for jobs. Whether they are looking to work part-time to support themselves or are looking to work somewhere after graduation, they can find many opportunities on the internet. Nowadays ads are posted on the internet of employers looking to hire part-time or full-time freshers. Students who do not own the internet or a computer system will never be able to take advantage of such an opportunity.
  • When the pandemic hit in early 2020, the physical movement was restricted and that forced the educational institutions to shift the physical learning program to online. The use of the internet became essential, and students who did not own a computer or the internet, had their education impacted negatively. They lagged in their classes, or some were unable to continue their studies.

In conclusion, the pandemic has shown that the methods of the educational system are shifting towards making education accessible online for all classes of students. And since the internet holds a variety of information in its grasp that is beneficial for students to use in their studies, the students must be given internet access.