Inline PCB Laser Marking Machine: What you Need to know

Inline PCB Laser Marking Machine: What you Need to know

There are many industries that use the Inline PCB laser marking machine to print the desired images, characters, graphics, or 2D codes. As well as print circuit boards, it is able to print a variety of different materials through the machine.

The production of any machine has to be stable in order to ensure that the material on which the print is made remains flat, so it is built with high-quality parts and equipment to make that happen. High-performance CO2 lasers and fiber lasers are incorporated into the unit.

Featuring a megapixel CCD camera, it produces images that are clear, precise, and fine. The camera is automatic, so minimal human involvement is needed.

Find out exactly what information the machine applied for each marking in the pre-positioning report. The machine will digitally process your information, giving you a seamless experience. When there are inconsistencies or errors during the marking procedure, it alerts you to them immediately so you can correct them.

The Laser Marking Machine Is Ideal For Pcb Marking Because It Allows Inline Marking

Several symbols, including barcodes and graphics, can be engraved on a PCB after it has been manufactured using a PCB laser marking machine. The PCB laser marking machines come in a variety of sizes and models depending on the applications they will be used for encoding 2D codes, characters, bar codes, graphics, and information about the customer. In addition to stamping the information for the input and the code for the printed circuit board with the help of this machine.

  • The high-performance system integrates CO2.
  • The laser source should be fiber optic.
  • CMOS camera with high pixel density.
  • A set of micron-scale modules.
  • With this system, positioning is automatic and pre-marked.
  • After marking, report feedback.


  • High-quality laser beams.
  • A few spots are available for focus.
  • Distribution of power should be efficient.
  • The pointer can be automatically positioned to a high pixel position at any time.
  • Reports are available in real-time. As a result, devices are more effectively managed.
  • Stability is guaranteed at a high level.
  • Using the automatic focus feature, it is easy to print codes by tracking the width and distance from the material.

Dedicated Support And Engineering Services For Each Customer

The cornerstone of PCB product development is a deep understanding of the customer’s needs. We therefore ensure that our customers receive personalized support for their purchase. These customers have access to our expert engineering team, which can assist them during installation and guide them through the entire process.

After-sales support, training, and problem-solving guides are provided by the engineering team in order to make your team more efficient and capable of handling unexpected situations.

Upon placing your order, our engineering team will begin the installation process as soon as possible to expedite the process. The client does not need to do any installation or maintenance of the system.

The company provides its clients with not only basic services after purchase, but also 24-hour support from experienced engineers. Thus, we will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have. We will assist you in eradicating the problem and getting your production back on track as quickly as possible.

When A Laser Marking Machine Works, Why Does It Work?

Laser marking machines put a high-precision, focused light beam on the material’s surface. Heat is created by altering the properties of the material and causing a pattern to appear.