How to Pull a Hockey Deke on Synthetic Ice?

How to Pull a Hockey Deke on Synthetic Ice?

Being able to pull of a great hockey deke is a game-winning skill that the whole team will be able to appreciate. Just imagine how it would feel at the last seconds of the clock when you barrel your way up the center around the key then pull a lateral swoop deke move that wins the game. Fun times, right? You might think that it is an impossible feat on synthetic ice, but don’t keep that attitude. Make it happen.

Ice Skating on Ice Rinks

Whenever you ice skate on a traditional ice rink, the reason why it seems so smooth and easy is that there is a bit of science happening under your feet that allows you to glide so easily over the surface. As your ice skate blades dig into the ice, they cause a bit of friction between the blades of the skates and the ice that they are connecting with. As this friction continues to occur, enough heat is generated so that the ice melts just enough to provide a thin layer of water so that there is a bit of lubrication for the metal blades to seamlessly move upon. Once an ice skater gets the hang of the ice skates and the way that they correspond with the ice, they will have the ability to perform olympian tricks and skate as gracefully as a ballerina.

Ice Skating on Synthetic Ice

In the beginning days of synthetic ice, it was very challenging to skate on it. The kind of plastic that is available in today’s time is much more advanced than the limited materials that were around in the 1960s. The first synthetic ice flooring had to be constantly kept up and lubricated as the skaters used it. If it was not properly lubricated you could not skate on it without skidding. If you failed to scrape the excess lubricant from the flooring, it would cause a nasty buildup of grime that could cause injuries and other problems.

The synthetic ice that is available on the market today is much better and easier to use. Because of the introduction of polymer plastics in the plastic realm, developers can create specialized types of plastics that allow for additional agents and conditioners to be embedded into the ice panels. With that being said, it is easy for an experienced ice skater to glide around the surface of a synthetic ice panel rink much like they could on a regular frozen water rink.

Pulling a Deke On Synthetic Ice

Being able to pull off the perfect deke on real ice will allow for an experienced ice skater and hockey player to pull the same deke on artificial ice. The only real difference between high-quality artificial ice, and real ice is that there is a slight bit of pull and resistance that is not present when you skate on ice. Once an ice skater gets used to the slight drag, there will be no stopping them. In fact, since there is a little bit of a pull for skaters, it helps to build strength and endurance for the people that continue to skate on it.


In conclusion, the reality is that if you can pull a sick deke move on real ice, you will be able to on synthetic ice as well. All you need to do is have a little confidence in yourself, and continue to practice every day until you are the champion that you are destined to become.

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