How To Match Your Open Enrollment Period To Your Employee’s Needs

How To Match Your Open Enrollment Period To Your Employee’s Needs

With more and more businesses finally recovering from the number of limitations that were placed on their operations as a result of the pandemic, HR departments are tasked with readjusting their open enrollment strategies to targeting their employees that have returned to the office. Despite returning to the office, it will remain a challenge for these HR departments to ensure their employees are in-tune with what their policies offer and maintain high levels of enrollment. This post will breakdown the ways in which these departments simplify this process, particularly through the use of a third-party business process outsourcing solutions provider

It’s not easy to keep employees concerned about these types of things, though. Namely because they’re often distracted by their own lives. While it’s important to employees, they can overlook it as it will take a backseat to the challenges they face in their own lives daily Businesses are responsible for making sure their employees are in the loop regarding their benefits despite this, but the challenge now is how should they go about it?

While it’s true that a blended approach utilizing digital resources and in-person meetings can satisfy many employees, it may not even scratch the surface of what an employer hopes to offer. One way that these businesses look to improve these enrollment periods is through the help of expert providers of business process outsourcing solutions. These tailored solutions can make sure that any business is meeting the enrollment goals they established.

The Impact Of Proprietary Software & Technology

Rather than ignoring what these businesses have learned throughout the pandemic, they should instead look to advance their tactics through a use of blended strategies. In-hand literature, though ineffective, can keep some employees more engaged. For others, an in-person meeting after sharing digital versions of the aforementioned literature can help other employees feel more engaged with the process. Now that employees have seen both the remote offering and the in-office offering, why not go the route of mixing the two for the best results?

This process often looks something like this: businesses will digitally send out all of the information regarding enrollment and the policies available for employees. Once distributed, a virtual event hosted by HR should be scheduled for the sake of keeping employees informed regarding the steps that will follow. These meetings are also great for employees who have lingering questions regarding the plans offered. Any questions can be answered via live experts and live-chat throughout the meeting, which can make all the difference in maintaining high enrollment.

It’s clear that even with the help of a third-party solutions provider, that a blended enrollment experience is what will make the biggest difference for your employees. To learn more about the different open enrollment offerings that are provided by these business process outsourcing partners, be sure to continue to read on to the infographic included alongside this post.