Automation Solutions That Integrate Safety

Automation Solutions That Integrate Safety

The safety of people and the environment is a top priority for manufacturers. The government must enforce strict regulations as well as avoid production losses resulting from plant downtime. To ensure safety in the production process at all times, Siemens has seamlessly integrated protective functions into standard automation systems. Safety Integrated is the consistent application of safety solutions in terms of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA). As a result of its seamless integration, the portfolio meets all requirements, can be scaled flexibly as required, and minimizes the logistics, wiring, and training work required from day one. As a result of the systematic reduction of types and components, the cabinet designs are substantially smaller. The system of hardware and software is designed to provide safety functionality right from the start, so no additional systems are required.

An Overview of the Benefits

Integrate consistently:

SIMATIC devices all have uniform safety functions

Diagnostics of the system as a whole:

Error identification and correction as quickly as possible

  • High availability:

Standard and safety diagnostic functions that are uniform

Versioning helps to reduce downtime

Designing a cabinet with a more compact footprint:

Reduced number of types and parts results in less space required

  • Faster commissioning:

Having a simpler system design speeds up the engineering process

Automate in a standard and fail-safe manner

SIMATIC Controller – Scalability and Safety Integrated

Siemens offers the right controller for every automation requirement across the entire spectrum. 6ES7326-1BK02-0AB0 controllers are available as Basic, Advanced, Distributed, and Software Controllers. These controllers offer impressive scalability and functional integration.

Listed Below are Some of the Benefits

  • Scalability:

The most appropriate controller with Safety Integrated for a wide range of applications

  • Individually expandable:

Modules for plugging in I/O, functions, and communications

  • More efficiency:

Process Automation and Systems Integration | MAVERICK Technologies

A uniform operating capability of the TIA Portal makes intuitive safety function engineering possible

  • All built in:

External safety solutions are not necessary

The Simatic S7-1500 Advanced Controller Offers Enhanced Productivity For Standard Applications Due To Its Ultimate Power

Automated fail-safe processes

Designed for use in all automation aspects of production, SIMATIC S7-1500 controllers are ideally suited. Specialized in applications for medium and high-end machines, when high-performance, versatile communication features, a wide range of technological functions, and flexibility are needed. Failure-proof S7-1500 controllers provide safety functions and support PROFIBUS and PROFINET connections for PROFIsafe devices. The process signals (including safe signals) can be accessed either centralized via signal modules or remotely via PROFINET.

Simatics Et 200 – Ideal I/O, even for Fail-safe Tasks

With SIMATIC ET 200, there is a wide range of I/O systems available for standard and fail-safe automation – for solutions in the control cabinet or without a control cabinet directly at the machine. ET 200 systems can be easily scaled in small steps, for example to expand with fail-safe I/O modules. PROFIBUS and/or PROFINET can be used to integrate the products into the automation system. A fail-safe I/O module can be used in applications with PL e/SIL 3.