6 Plumbing Tools You Should Always Have at your Home

6 Plumbing Tools You Should Always Have at your Home

No one knows when a plumbing issue would occur, hence, any sensible homeowner should always have essential tools on hand for a temporary fix. This way, you need not call the professionals in such cases like when your toilet refuses to flush or your drain does not empty as it should. But if the plumbing issue is quite serious and complex like a burst pipe, then it’s time to call a plumbing and tap repair Sydney expert.

Here below are the common devices to fix manageable plumbing problems at home. But it takes some research and actual experience in order to take advantage of these tools to the fullest.

These Plumbing Tools are a Must-have in Your Home


Being your first line of defence against clogged drains, a high-quality plunger should be present in your plumbing arsenal at all times. Before clogging gets complicated, use your plunger to save the day.

Plumbing Snake

Also called auger, this device is your second line of defence when the plunger fails its job. There is a manual as well as a motorised type for you to choose whichever fits your needs and budget. Of course, the manual type is much cheaper than the motorised one but take note, plumbing snakes are not to be used in toilets that still flush as you could damage your toilet instead of fix it.


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Coming in all sizes and types, the regular wrench is extremely useful for tightening loose fittings to avoid dripping pipes and faucets. There are models best for the greater flexibility they offer while others are useful in getting access to cramped spaces for instance, areas under the kitchen sink.


If wrenches are used in getting a good grip on things big, the pliers are good for the same purpose on things small. These instruments also come in different types and therefore, choose only what you think is really a necessity at home. For best results, buy the one with serrated jaws to get the best grip.

Plumber’s Tape

This device is used for sealing gaps and leaks in pipes or around fittings. If the plumber’s tape is not available in your tool kit, make use of the standard duct tape which is equally helpful as a temporary fix for leaks.


These gizmos come in various shapes, sizes, colours and of course, prices. The common types are the hand-held flashlights but a lot of plumbers swear the good functionality of LED headlights so that both your hands are free to do the work. Nonetheless, they also cost higher than the regular types.

There are still lots more tools to keep handy at home but if you call for a professional plumbing service in Sydney, of course the serviceman will bring his own complete set of tools. Your expert plumber can also give you tips on how to use those tools.