4 Must Have Seo Tools For Bloggers

If you want to keep an eye on overall performance of a website, you shouldn’t overlook basic SEO stats of a site. Statistics such as Domain authority, sites linking back to the site, overall traffic, etc plays a very important role in taking your Tebsite to a next level. Also, when it comes to competitors, you should check their site’s stats as well.

When it comes to advertising, these stats play a vital role, there too. So, you shouldn’t miss checking them, and working on them to improve further.

Though, there are many tools available where you can check all the stats but finding the correct one is the game. There are paid as well as free tools for and here I am sharing 4 best SEO stats and ranking checker tools.


Every internet marketer loves this tool for providing the much useful SEO stats and information about the sites. It isn’t merely a backlink checker but it provides an in-depth analysis of your links like referring domains, their IP addresses, top pages, linked domains, etc.

Ahrefs gives SEO score and URL rank to help you understand complex terms in simple manner. Use the comparison tool to see how your website stands compared to your competitors.


SEMRush provides you with detailed insights of a website. It is one of those tools that gives it all. You need some days, or may be weeks to know all the features of this tool. It also helps you by providing insights on the competitors’ long tail keywords, PPC advertising campaigns and more.

It provides you with a live update of website traffic, keywords and your advertisements’ performance. Track these essential insights into your website to further improve on it.


BuzzStream is a great website statistics tool, trusted by some of the major professionals in the internet and marketing industry. With tools for link building and backlink tracking in addition to the regular run-of-the-mill website statistics tracking, this tool is widely popular among PR professionals.

Link building, list building and outreach scaling are some of the added benefits to using BuzzStream.


SimilarWeb provides both Free and paid Pro services for competitive analytics monitoring. The tool also provides insights for mobile applications, in addition to websites.

You can get detailed insights on traffic sources, conversions, social activity and top performing content among a host of other insight reports with this tool.

I hope you these 4 tools will help you maintain your site’s important stats related to SEO and overall rankings in a better way.