Types of Poker You Can Try 2022

Types of Poker You Can Try 2022


If you are a poker lover and like to play real money games like Teen Patti online or poker, you should learn about the different variations of poker. What if you could find a new poker variant that could be your current favorite tash games to play? Therefore, it is always beneficial to try new things once in a while, which helps to develop your love and enthusiasm for the game.

So, in this in-depth blog post, we have included some of the types of poker you should try to play in 2022.

  • Variety of Poker You Can Try 2022
  • Texas Hold’em Poker
  • Texas Hold’em poker is one of the world’s most popular poker casinos – online and live casinos.

However, according to many professional poker players & veterans, No-Limit Texas Hold’em poker is the best type of Texas Hold’em poker you can play today. Texas Hold’em poker is also the most popular poker and is shown on television in the world because of its simple rules and standards.

The game begins by giving players two hole cards that are kept face down. Players must not present these two cards. Then five more cards are stored in the center of the table – facing upwards – for all to see. These are five community cards and a betting opportunity will appear after each round.

The ultimate goal of the game is to create the best five-handed combination – with or without your playing cards. At Texas Hold’em poker, it is recommended that you fold your hand if your hand is poor, so that you do not bet extra on it. However, if you can defeat your opponents enough, you can force your opponents to fall in front of you. And the player who finally stood up after everyone was wrapped up was the one who took the pot.


Five-O-Poker can be called the same type of poker as Texas Hold’em, except that you have to play five cards at a time, instead of dealing with one card at a time. Each player is given five cards and out of those five cards, only one will be face down and the other down. Players must make sure they have as strong a hand as possible.

After the betting cycle, each player’s hands will be matched and each player with at least three of the five hands will be crowned the winner (unless the player wins early). And if a player is lucky enough to win all five hands, it is called Five-O.

Countdown Poker

Countdown poker is also a five-card poker game similar to Five-O-Poker. In this poker variation, each player is given five cards – face down. After betting, each player will have the opportunity to exchange any three cards in his or her hand.

It should be noted that every player has to pay a card exchange fee, which usually doubles every round. For example, in the first round of post-betting exchanges, players will have the option of exchanging three cards to get their five cards. After that, the second betting round will begin, after which the second round of card exchanges will begin, during which players can only exchange two of the five cards. After that, there will be another bet cycle and in the final round of card exchange, players can exchange one of five cards.

When the final round of card exchanges arrives, the final betting round will begin and after that, each player must show his or her hand. And the player with the highest level of hands will win the pot.

Follow Queen Poker

Compared to the poker variants mentioned earlier, Follow the Queen is a seven-card poker game. The game pattern is exactly the same as the 7-Card Stud variant, but there are a few twists you should know about.

In this poker variety, special abilities are given to Queen cards. Therefore, any of the queen cards mentioned above will be a wild card and therefore can be used instead of any seven cards in your hand. The goal is to make a winning combination using all seven cards in your hand. However, it does not end there because the next card given immediately after the Queen also turns into an uncontrollable card which is why this game is known as ‘Follow the Queen’.

Pineapple Poker

Pineapple is no longer just a tropical fruit because it is also the name of a popular poker variety. The rules are very easy to understand and learn and once you are able to play Texas Hold’em, you will be home this way. The only difference is that – instead of dealing with two hole cards (like Texas Hold’em) – you have to deal with three hole cards.

A variety of pineapple poker can be very fun to play because of the extra holes card players have to deal with – which means you have a chance to have a strong first hand.


There is no doubt that the rules of online poker can be confusing. But, once you start playing a few poker sequences, you will gradually become more familiar with the rules of that poker variety and thus enjoy more than you ever imagined. Lastly, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us.