Mega Mall… Your Biggest Investment Step

Mega Mall… Your Biggest Investment Step

Your goal as an investor should simply be to purchase, at a reasonable price, investing in a business whose earnings will almost be higher by multiple times in 5, 10 or 20 years from now, so Mega Mall New Capital is your greatest choice.

Mega Mall project is the largest mall in the new capital that includes all investment activities (commercial, medical, administrative, tourism, entertainment) in an amazing location directly at the entrance of New Capital, which made it the greatest edge an investor can invest in within the short or the long-term.

Intelligent Investing is Value Investing

Can you believe that All buildings are connected to fourth-generation cities and modern technology in Mega Mall! There’s a Skyline to allow sunlight to pass through the units, in addition to large green spaces, a dancing fountain and parks to enhance the clarity of mind and convenience.

Whatever the unit’s design culture you are looking for; Pharaonic, Western, Islamic and Indian designs, you will find it in Mega Mall New Capital. You will be surprised that each design has its own facilities and entrance to maintain complete privacy, with soundproofing layers that will ensure that employees are not disturbed.

Know What You Own at Mega Mall, And Know Why to Own It

Whatever your activity field and your needed space, you will find it in Mega Mall project. The project was built on ​​140 acres, which with a private entrance and electronic gates to facilitate entry and exit while maintaining complete privacy.

File:Mega Mall Bucharest temporarily closed in response to COVID-19 (2).jpg  - Wikipedia

Mega Mall is unique with the exceptional Kids Area, aiming to teach children professions and crafts with entertainment and develop their skills and abilities. There’s a racing lane for cars and bikes for professionals. Also, you will enjoy the first light museum with its unique exhibits and lights that are constantly changing to keep pace with all public festivities.

Mega Mall New Capital includes a theater on ​​14,000 m2, the Hologram Show, and the multicultural market, which is divided into several sections. Each section contains a signature from every country around the world. Internal transportation to make it easier for you to move inside the various buildings of the mall.

Mega Mall Prices

Acquire more than you are paying for! With a down payment starting from 5% and installments up to 10 years, you can own your commercial unit or shop in Mega Mall project, in addition to exceptional discounts during the launch period. It is considered an exceptional opportunity for a successful and reliable investment, knowing that the price per square meter starts from:

  • 40,000 EGP for administrative units.
  • 110,000 Egyptian pounds for commercial units and shops.

You can also pay a 30% down payment and get an annual investment return in Mega Mall project in the New Capital, knowing that the prices of Mega Mall units are commensurate with the area, location, building and floor.

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