How To Create Great Digital Marketing Content For Real Estate

How To Create Great Digital Marketing Content For Real Estate

Content is king: effective digital marketing in the real estate industry has become a must, as 92% of all buyers search for their homes online. Real estate businesses operate in a highly competitive industry, and their online presence can have a significant effect on how much they stand out from the crowd.

Although it sounds fairly simple, creating a good content marketing strategy requires you to navigate search engine algorithms and stay up to date in a rapidly changing, dynamic space. Search engines prioritize original, informative, SEO-optimized, well-written content higher in search query results. Cracking this code requires both money and time, which is why realtors often choose to outsource digital marketing to professional advertising agencies.

A well-executed digital marketing content plan can establish your authority as a real estate brand, attract clients to keep your sales funnel and fill it with leads, and nurture clients along a buyers’ journey that ends with property sales.

How Do Real Estate Advertising Agencies Achieve This?

Real estate marketing experts know they must attract the attention of potential buyers, and then maintain them in the sales funnel by establishing trustworthy and strong business presence. They do this through the omnichannel approach, which we will detail below:

Blogs And Articles

The written word is a great way to build a realtor’s brand image and attract serious buyers. You can establish yourself as an authority in your industry by providing useful information for prospective clients, which brings them back for repeat interactions. Real estate websites that regularly create blogging content have 434% more indexed pages in search engine results.

Pictures and Infographics

Real estate and pictures are a match made in heaven! Pictures are a great way to provide visual depth to a property. Similarly, infographics are one of the most persuasive and easy ways for getting real estate information across to clients. Moreover, as infographics can easily be shared on social media, embedded into articles and blogs, and used as leads, they are perfect for directing more traffic to your business.

Some of the platforms where infographics can be shared include Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Video Marketing

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Video is currently the king of content. It tells stories with unparalleled depth and dimension and is a fantastic tool for real estate marketing. Video content gets 403% more engagement than simple text!

In addition to ensuring that your videos are in good quality format and lighting, you also need to ensure that you’re providing valuable content. To do it right:

  • Identify beforehand what your main message is.
  • Create a script and storyboard that summarize the points and information.
  • Decide the tone of voice by keeping your target audience and brand values in mind.
  • Keep it short! Under 2 minutes is a good industry standard to stick to.
  • Diversify content: experiment with outreach videos, testimonials, social media engagement videos and longform YouTube videos for in-depth content marketing

Tried And Tested (Winning) Real Estate Content Marketing Strategies

In addition to the above, use these tips to ensure higher rankings in search engine results and drive an effective content marketing strategy:

  • Use Facebook and Google Search Ads for real estate: Google search ads are hyperlocal, help you get great ROI on pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, build your brand, and help keep it top-of-mind.
  • Ensure that your content is optimized for social sharing across different platforms
  • Use leads, magnets, and landing pages to their full potential: lead magnets and landing pages exchange free, valuable information or services for contact information. Regularly update this content to ensure your mailing list continues to grow and your sales funnel is always full.
  • Make the most of email campaigns by sending relevant content that nurtures your clients along the buyer’s journey.

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