5 Tips for Renovating Your Home During the Christmas Break

5 Tips for Renovating Your Home During the Christmas Break

Having a break over the Christmas period offers many Aussie homeowners the opportunity to perform some home improvements. You might be planning a full-on renovation project or just simply want to make some repairs and alterations to make your home more functional and livable. No matter what your DIY plans are, you’ll want your project to go as smoothly as possible, so here are a few tips to make life easier as you perform your home renovations this Summer.

#1 – Fund Your Project With a Renovation Loan

Many people won’t have enough spare cash in the bank to fund an entire home renovation. Therefore, you’ll need to find the money you need by other means.

There are numerous options for Home Renovation Loans in Australia. A Home Renovation Loan could be a Personal Loan, where you use the funds primarily for home improvements. Some people decide to take out a second mortgage to cover the cost of a major renovation project. Keep in mind that these home improvements also increase the value of your property.

The best way to find a loan that’s right for your home renovation project is to do some research, then talk to your bank or private lender about your options for finance. In most instances, you’ll be able to apply for finance online from the comfort of home.

#2 – Plan Your Renovation In An Organised Fashion

Along with having enough money to successfully complete your project, you’ll need to intricately plan your home improvements. A comprehensive plan will be made up of different sections, such as the project budget broken down into individual elements, what your objectives are and detailing a timeline for various parts of the projects to be completed.

Even a minor home improvement project will require a plan if you want everything to go without a hitch, which includes not overspending and leaving yourself short of the finish line.

#3 – Call-In Professional Help When Required

It’s not always wise (or even legal) to try and accomplish everything on your own. You may need assistance in the beginning from an architect or interior designer. If you’re renovating bathrooms and kitchens, you’ll need the help of a licensed plumber to accomplish certain tasks. The same goes for any electrical work that needs to be carried out. Unless you are a licensed plumber or electrician yourself, by law, there are strict limitations on what you’ll be allowed to do when it comes to plumbing and electrical work.

If there is tiling work to be done, while it may look rather easy, tiling is a tricky business. Get it wrong and by the time you’ve tiled an entire floor, it’s going to end up standing out like a sore thumb. Calling in the services of an expert tiler is also a wise move.

#4 – Plan To Keep Disruptions To a Minimum

It’s the festive season and a time for family and friends to get together and have a good time. Therefore, if you’re planning renovations during the Christmas break, you’ll also want to plan to try and keep lifestyle disruptions to a minimum as much as you possibly can.

One way you can accomplish this is to let everyone in the household know of your plans beforehand and what the likely disruptions could be. This way, everyone can prepare for your home improvements project and it gives people time to work out alternatives should the kitchen or bathroom be out of action over the festive season.

#5 – Plan for Some Holiday Time

It is the holidays, after all, so make sure you plan some holiday time for yourself and those in your household. Having construction going on every day, especially during the Christmas break, isn’t going to go down well with everyone else and you also need some time out to kick back and relax. Choose the days you’ll be working on your project and which days are going to be off-limits as far as construction is concerned.

The Takeaway

Successful home renovations over the festive season are about planning and taking into consideration those around you. While it’s a great time to get things done, it’s also a time of the year where everyone wants to take a break and enjoy themselves. You need to plan for both.