Speciality food business

Unique Business Ideas Ideal For Small Businesses

Speciality food business

Sea Salt business

A sea salt business is a unique idea for a business within the speciality food industry, which has very few basic qualification requirements and low startup costs. To get this business off the ground an entrepreneur would need very little by way of equipment, and needs; access to seawater, the knowledge of how to extract the sea salt and the best locations and processes to do so. Seawater as a resource is ultimately free, and if you are able to establish effective shipping and marketing techniques, there is huge potential for significant profits.

Sports and entertainment industry

Board game café

Another unique small business idea is a board game café. For this business to succeed you would need to have a passion for board games and preferably some experience in café or restaurant management. This model has potential for success because it adds a unique selling point to an already enjoyable café business model by way of an additional nostalgic experience. An approach most board game café owners take on is that they create a family friendly atmosphere during the day and cater for a more adult vibe during the evenings. When managed properly and with the right customer base, board game cafes can earn up to six figures annually.

Specialty retailer business

Dried flower business

For entrepreneurs with a passion for gardening and outdoors, a dried flower business can be a low-cost high yield venture. Costs vary depending on the kind of space you have available, but you can start your own business for as little as $100. Focusing your business on the right areas of the market, such as indoor decorative plants, sentimental gifts and even within the food industry supplying restaurants and artisan businesses with edible flowers and herbs can lead to exponential growth for your business.

Building and construction business

Tiny house business

An increasing number of people are deciding to live in tiny homes for both environmental and financial factors. Tiny houses can provide a comparatively low-cost alternative to traditional, full sized homes and if you have the construction or architectural expertise to build homes, the tiny house industry can be a creative and profitable business endeavor for you to undertake.

Relaxation and therapy business

Aromatherapy business

If you have a passion for homeopathic treatments, this model can be a viable option for you to start a unique small business. The startup costs involve developing and marketing your inventory and you will be able to manage your own schedule and business management, particularly if you are selling your products online. Your earning potential as an aromatherapy can be decent and given their increasing popularity you are reasonably likely to maintain consistent profit margins.

Rental business

Glamping business

Although a glamping business requires fairly significant startup costs and a well-positioned piece of land, it is a unique idea that can result in very good profits. You may want to have some experience in – or at least an understanding of – the service industry, as well as a good way to market your experience to the public. Ultimately a glamping business can be a high investment, high reward business and you could expand your business into many different industries from there including the wedding and music festival markets.

Pet and animal business

Pet hotel

People who value their animals’ safety and comfort, will be willing to pay a lot of money to ensure their fur babies are warm, dry and well fed whenever they’re gone. The startup costs for a pet hotel can vary depending on the level of luxury you wish to offer. Startup costs include the building and interior, and once the business has gotten off the ground, and depending on the additional services you offer, you can maintain a very profitable business.