Top 7 West Coast Cities for Tech Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Top 7 West Coast Cities for Tech Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

The city where your startup is founded contributes a lot to its success. As such, you need to be careful when making your choice. In order to help out a little, we’ve put together a list of the top 7 West Coast cities for tech entrepreneurs and small businesses!

Palo Alto

The first entry on our list of the top West Coast cities for tech entrepreneurs and small businesses is, of course, Palo Alto. The fact that the heart of Silicon Valley is on our list should come as a shock to no one looking to join the tech scene. The amazing advantages of Palo Alto are the connections you can make here, as well as easy access to top quality employees. Employees come from two sources here, the Stanford University, as well as the many young professionals who want to find work in the heart of Silicon Valley. Of course, it’s not all roses and sunshine either, since you will have to put in a ton of effort to make your business stand out from the competition. You’ll definitely want to work on your marketing if you want to be successful here!


Seattle draws what is almost a surprising number of startups and investors. The city has become rather well known as a great place for startups of any type or variety. So, no matter what sort of business you want to grow into an international success, Seattle is a great place to start working towards that. The city is especially promising due to its very low unemployment rates, high average income, consistent growth, and a decent employee pool. As such, businesses have all the possible elements they need to grow!

Los Angeles

Obviously, everyone knows that Los Angeles deserves to be added to every list of top cities for businesses involved in the service or tourism industry. The city’s economy is bustling, and it’s a very popular destination, after all. However, you may not know that Los Angeles is also ranked third in the US among hubs for startups! This is because the city has recently become an excellent place to find high profile investors. And the many, many businesses and services you can benefit from here make setting up in Los Angeles a breeze. If you look for office movers LA, you can settle into your new office stress-free. If you look for business storage space, you’ll easily have it quickly at an affordable price! Simply put, LA is a great pick for any tech startup.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is probably one of the first places any US-based business in the entertainment and tourism industries would consider as their dream starting place. And this is true… but the city is almost as appealing to every other type of business as well! Foremost among the reasons for this, and what earned Las Vegas its spot on the list of West Coast cities for tech entrepreneurs and small businesses, are the amazing tax breaks you’d get here. You’ll be able to save a considerable amount of money in the early days of your business when every penny counts. Which means you’ll also have more money to invest to improve your business further! This positive growth will also continue thanks to the many investors you have a chance to attract in Las Vegas. As a popular destination for the rich and powerful, you might just meet your ideal investors here.

San Francisco

San Francisco is an amazing choice of city to build your startup in. It has decent governmental support for startups. It has gained a reputation as one of the best cities for tech startups in the US. And it has a wealth of amazing services and businesses geared towards making startups successful. If you are looking for commercial movers SF, for example, you can easily leave it to specialists while you set up your business! The city is huge and chock full of hopeful young professionals, as well! Both those who got their education here and those who move into the city in pursuit of a career. If you get in touch with the university of San Francisco, you may even be able to set up a program for students to get work experience with your startup and start scouting graduates early!


Washington might be the most ‘boring’ pick from our list of West Coast cities for tech entrepreneurs and small businesses. However, it is also, hands down, one of the most stable options. Washington has a low rate of unemployment. A stable economy. A ton of options for government subsidies. And even a wide range of industries that are well established. So, while it may take some time to slot your own startup into the working of the city, the opportunities you’ll have here are unlikely to dry up. The city is also known to have one of the most educated populations in the entirety of the US. So, you won’t find yourself with a lack of potential employees.

Yorba Linda

Yorba Linda may, at first glance, look like an off city for the list of West Coast cities for tech entrepreneurs and small businesses. However, this is only the case for those not familiar with this small city! Here’s an interesting fact: Yorba Linda routinely competes for America’s highest income city. Most recently, it came in second by a very narrow margin. Meaning that this place is an absolute haven for any small businesses involved in the service industry. If you are looking to run a startup in this field, then you’ll have a much easier time making it in Yorba Linda than most anywhere else. With the proper use of SEO and online marketing, you can definitely thrive.

Picking your own ideal startup city

Now that you’ve gone over our list of the top 7 West Coast cities for tech entrepreneurs and small businesses, you can make your selection! Of course, we recommend you research the cities on our list further, first. Make absolutely sure that they are actually the best pick for you. After all, each of the cities has its own unique economy and market, and you’ll be more successful with a solid start!