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Exclusive Fine Art Delivery: Advantages

Exclusive Fine Art Delivery: Advantages

If you are transporting your artwork, there are many shipping and transportation options to choose from. Exclusive delivery, also called white glove service, is one of our options. At Art Work FAS, exclusive delivery means that you have a truck, or multiple trucks, dedicated solely to your artwork. Fine art shipping handlers ensure that your pieces arrive at their destination safely and securely during this process.

There is a great deal of attention given to the arts for good reason. Every brush stroke on the canvas or each chisel and smooth stroke in a marble masterpiece contributes to the beauty of an artwork. It is the heart of the art world to create a masterpiece and have art lovers appreciate it in various forms.

Find out why exclusive delivery may be a good fit for you and your piece in this article.

Ensures The Protection Of High-Value Artwork

You’ve taken the time to collect or create a valuable work of art. The time has come for it to go to a new home. Your item will be privately transported and cared for during its journey to its next destination when you choose exclusive delivery. Art handlers who are experts will anticipate the specific needs to ensure smooth transportation.

Stops As Little As Possible

If you are bound by loan agreements or insurance requirements from museums or brokers, you may find that you cannot place your artwork on a shipping path that makes many stops. The artwork may need to be delivered directly to the recipient. Exclusive delivery means your piece will arrive at its destination without delays. Only the Art Work FAS team will handle your artwork.

Rural Deliveries

When there are fewer options available for transporting artwork to a rural area, shipping and transporting artwork can be a challenge. For rural areas that are considered “off-route” for the shuttle, exclusive delivery may be your best option. The exclusive delivery option makes it possible for you to ship anywhere in the continental U.S.

Interested in learning more or scheduling your artwork transportation? Feel free to contact us. Let us set up an exclusive delivery for you.

Partner With Fine Art Handling Experts

Art Work Fine Art Services has served some of America’s most renowned museums, galleries, collectors, and artists for nearly 30 years. We provide expert and customized solutions for domestic and international shipping, warehousing, and artwork preservation. We have a team of passionate experts in many fields, including design, painting, printmaking, carpentry, photography, and sculpture. In addition to Portland and Seattle, Art Work FAS also serves the Bay Area and Silicon Valley in California, New York City, Los Angeles, and throughout the Rocky Mountains.

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